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Andrew Sutton

Napa Rose - Anaheim, CA


It was in his home kitchen that Chef Andrew Sutton discovered his passion for cooking, which eventually parlayed into line jobs at casual eateries in his hometown of Dallas during high school. Sutton’s professional career started when he got a call in 1982 from Jean LaFont, the corporate chef of Universal Restaurants. What began, as a summer job became a life’s calling. 

Two years later, Sutton enrolled in the Culinary Institute of America to add a formal education to hands-on experience that mirrored a European-style apprenticeship. In 1987, Sutton moved to the award-winning Mansion on Turtle Creek in Dallas. Subsequently he was promoted to sous chef, a position wherein he developed the commitment to excellence that has driven his career ever since.

Sutton transitioned to Southern California and the Napa Rose restaurant in 2000 through encouragement from Disney to create a restaurant with a spacious exhibition to complement his energetic sense of fun. Only seasonal, hand-selected ingredients from the Golden State’s diverse regions are sourced to create an award-winning menu. With what Sutton calls “the best team I’ve ever assembled,” Napa Rose chefs put on a nightly show, committed to providing the best possible wine experience, which features the largest number of staff who have passed the Level I Introductory Sommelier Course – a total of forty-two, including Chef Sutton -- at any restaurant in the world.

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