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Sheldon Simeon

Tin Roof - Kahului, HI


Born in Hilo, Hawaii, Chef Sheldon Simeon learned how to cook from his father and grew up cooking for family gatherings.  As a way to avoid attending a 4-year university, Simeon decided to attend culinary school to cruise through college.  He attended the Culinary Institute of the Pacific and quickly fell in love with the trade.  Simeon continued on to the Maui Culinary Academy where he received two associates degree in culinary & baking.  In 2011, Simeon was recognized by the James Beard Foundation as a Rising Star Chef & Best New Restaurant.  He competed in the 10th and 14th season of Top Chef, finishing both times as a Finalist and Fan Favorite.  Chef Sheldon Simeon now owns and operates Tin Roof in Kahului, Maui, serving island residents and tourists alike with fun takes on classic Hawaii food.  His mix of innovative modern cuisine and adherence to tradition influence his dishes and help shape his menus.  Growing legion of loyal fans will attest to his award-winning creativity and palate.  Chef Sheldon welcomes customers to his restaurant as he would his home with a relaxed community atmosphere. 

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