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Gerry Moffit

Altra Winery - Napa Valley, CA


Altra Wines was born out of a friendship between its two owners, Gerry Moffit and Margo Culcasi who had been friends for years before beginning Altra Winery. 

Gerry started at Sequioa Grove then moved into production at Cosentino Winery. After two harvests he took over the winemaking production at Ardente Winery on Atlas Peak where he supervised all facets of the winery. Gerry spent almost fours years making the wines at Ardente Winery before branching off to form Altra Winery. 

Margo Culcasi oversees the vineyard operations at Altra Winery where two clones of Cabernet and one of Cabernet Franc have been planted for their wines. Grapes sourced from other areas are also used to create Altra's wines. Currently Altra Winery produces Cabernet Sauvigon, Sauvignon Blanc and a white Rhone blend.  

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