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Fürst Estate - Germany

In the westernmost corner of the Franconian wine region, framed by the low mountain ranges of Spessart and Odenwald, unique conditions have been created by time and weather.  Here the Fürst Family has been making wine since 1638.  In 1979 Paul and Monika Fürst built the new estate amidst the vineyards and in 2007 they were joined by their son Sebastian.

Facing due south and overlooking the picturesque towns of Miltenberg and Bürgstadt the slopes of the Centgrafenberg are home to most of the vines.  The Pinots and Riesling especially love the warm and iron rich soils formed by the weathering of red sandstone. The quality and structure of the wines is ensured by minimal intervention in the vineyards, reduced yields, gentle vinification and long barrel aging.

Pinot Noir has been cultivated on the hot red sandstone of Centgrafenberg,  Hundsrück and Schlossberg for centuries.  Frühburgunder (also known as Pinot Madeleine) is an old variety, autochthonous to this region, which yields full bodied wines and has attracted more and more attention over the last years. The product line is rounded off by typically dry Franconian style wines from Riesling, Weißburgunder (Pinot Blanc) and Silvaner.

Nestling between the woods of Spessart and Odenwald the river Main has formed a basin, creating an environment perfect for the Pinot vines. The mild climate promotes ripening of the grapes and the soil provides them with the structure for which the Fürsts' red wines are known.  Over the last decades there has been much investment in the quality of the vineyards.

Natural cultivation, reduced yields, extensive canopy management, graduated picking of the grapes and careful vinification with long barrel aging time make sure the wines reach their full potential.

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